The Con-Dem coalition wants to make us pay for the negligent behaviour of the banks by cutting £87 billion off public services and the welfare state.

The cuts will wreck millions of lives through:

  • Mass job cuts and massive an assault on pensions and wages
  • A devastating loss of public services
  • Cuts in housing and disability benefits and tax credits
  • Forcing people to work for pittance wages
  • Forcing young people to give up their education or face life long debt
  • Making people work longer for smaller pensions

If not stopped the cuts will decimate the welfare state for us and for future generations and risk plunging the British economy into further difficulties and another round of cuts as is happening in Ireland.
The government claims cuts are necessary to reduce the debt created by bailing out the banks.  Yet this debt is a small fraction of what it was after WWII when the NHS was formed and millions of council homes were built.   While the Coalition demands cuts off us but won’t touch the bankers bonuses.

There is an alternative.

We could raise revenue by:

  • progressive taxation
  • plugging tax loopholes
  • Collecting the billions of pounds of unpaid corporation tax and taking the bankers bonuses
  • cancelling Trident

If governments can spend money bailing out negligent bankers it could boost the economy, protect public services and prevent mass unemployment by creating a million green jobs.

Is it possible to stop the cuts?

Absolutely. A mass campaign stopped the unjust poll tax and we could create a campaign on the same scale again.
Around the country campaigns have sprung into action to fight for an alternative to the cuts. With hundreds of public meetings, rallies and protests.
This opposition to the cuts is growing at a fantastic rate and is having successes including:

  • Student protests have created splits in the Coalition and won concessions on tuition fees, and the students hope to win much more
  • Leeds City Council has had to re-examine crèche closures at leisure centres after protests by parents and residents;
  • Devon County Council has reversed plans to cut free travel for primary school children;
  • Teaching assistants in Nottingham have forced their council to delay pay cuts of up to 25% for support staff ;
  • In Brighton, a state nursery school was saved after staff and trades unions organised a campaign of 1600 local people.

Across Europe millions have joined action against the cuts. We need your help to build a mass campaign to stop the cuts here.