Celebrated author Philip Pullman is set to address hundreds of library users and library campaigners in Oxford Town Hall next week. He will be speaking out against plans to close 20 out of 43 of Oxfordshire's libraries alongside Andrew Smith MP and library campaigners.

Mr Pulman has already publicly condemned the closures is now calling on library supporters to resist the cuts. Mr Pulman said "We measure  the value of a civilized society by the number of libraries it opens, not the  number it closes down. To deprive citizens of access to this most precious  thing, a library, is to surrender to a savage and stupid fundamentalism, the worship of the market. We do not need to do this. We should resist it  passionately."

The controversial plans to close libraries to meet the Coalition government's cuts programme has already drawn opposition including 200 people at a meeting to defend Headington library last week.

Organisers of the Oxfordshire wide meeting are very optimistic that the Assembly room in the Town Hall on 20th January will be packed to hear the speakers and contribute to the campaign.

Oxfordshire Anti Cuts Coalition secretary Julie Simmons said "As an ex-library worker I know how important access to books is for ten of thousands of Oxfordshire's residents. Many pensioners, young people and those on benefits and low wages simply can't afford to buy what they like or need to read. These closures would be a naked robbery by the haves against the have nots".

The Oxfordshire Anti Cuts Alliance will be calling on the meeting to help build a mass demonstration for called for February 12th against all public sector cuts.