Delegates from City Unison, CWU South Central Postal, Ruskin UCU, Unison Health, UCU OCVC, Prospect (Diamond) and OACA met for the first meeting of the October 20th mobilising committee.  The commtittee will be meeting regularly to coordinate trade union transport and publicity to maximise the turnout on October 20th.  Other unions supporting the committee include County Unison, Ox & Bucks PCS, GMB Banbury No 1, Oxon NUT, Unite (general & publishing).

Oxfordshire Anti Cuts allianxce will also be running meetings to involve community groups in the national event.

15,000 colour flyers, 500 colour posters and 4,000 stickers with local transport number being distributed.
Donations for publicity so far:  £100 Trades Council, £200 Unison Health, £100 OACA
To order bundles of flyers please gcontact Julie c/o 07890081211 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
As on March 26th we are planning to pool coaches across Oxfordshire (Banbury, Bicester, Carterton, Witney, Abingdon, Didcot, Wheatley and Thame as well as Oxford), to enable as many people as possible to attend the March.
So far there are 6 coaches booked - 2 Unison Health, 3 County Unison, 1 CWU plus a report of unlimited coaches from Unite.  
Prospect (Diamond) reported they are hoping to book transport in the near future.  
City Unison have announced they will discuss booking transport.    
A number of unions have agreed to open up their coaches to anti-cuts campaigners and students.
For unions not able to fill a coach it is hoped that costs can be shared between unions.
In addition to branches organising their own bookings for coaches a joint booking system has been put in place.  Joint unions are also using an online booking system to enable members / campaigners to sign up anytime.  
The Trades Council, Unison Health  and Anti Cuts Alliance have links on their websites to the online booking system (www.oxfordshireanticutsalliance.org.uk, www.odtuc.org.uk  www.ouh.org.uk)   
If you would like to add the link to your branch or organisation website please contact Ian McKendrick -   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Public Meeting
The possibility of a public meeting or rally in September or October to raise the profile of the march and help mobilise members was raised and will be discussed further at next meeting.

Street Stalls
Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance is planning to hold regular Saturday street stalls 1pm Bonn Square, Oxford to help build the Oct 20 march.