On March 26 2011 500,000 people joined the TUC march for an alternative to working people pay being made to pay for a crisis they did not make.

On Oct 20 2012 the TUC is calling millions out to march again to demand a future that works.  We want your help to build the biggest march possible.

Why we’re marching

 The government policy of:

  • Using public money to bail out failing banks,
  • slashing public services,
  • cutting wages,
  • robbing pension funds,
  • attacking workers rights,
  • bullying the sick and disabled off benefits
  • Selling off the NHS

has failed to solve the banking crisis or end the recession.

Instead it has created misery for millions of ordinary people with a generation of young people blighted by mass unemployment.  
Yet the government say they have only just started with the majority of cuts still to come, and accept that the recession will last at least another 5 years with their “solution”.   They say cuts are necessary to avoid  making the crisis worse - but for the majority austerity is the crisis we need to end.

 While we face ever greater sacrifices the banks  have gone back to business and bonuses as usual - even to rigging the interest rates to boost their profits.  Hardly any of the £120 billion pounds owed by tax dodging companies has been collected and the super-rich continue to see their wealth grow to astronomical amounts, yet their taxes have been cut.

The government is prepared to squander money on parties for royalty  and invest in a new generation of nuclear weapons.

Austerity isn’t working - we need to fight for an alternative that protects working people, the vulnerable and public services and ends unemployment.