To accommodate the government’s plans councils across Oxfordshire are planning savage cuts over the next four years.  The County Council alone is planning cuts to:

  • Children, Education & Families of £18.3 million
  • Social & Community Services of £41.1 Million

This includes plans to cut:

  • over three hundred home care jobs
  • adult social care services
  • 20 out of 27 youth centres and slashing the detached youth projects.
  • funding for nearly 20 out of 43 of the county’s libraries forcing them to close
  • Waste recycling centres
  • many more services are under attack.

Oxford City Council and other Oxford District councils also intend to cut services and all are targeting the jobs, terms and conditions of thousands of council workers.
It is vital we oppose all the cuts locally and argue that we link all the fights against cuts into a single push against the government’s plans.  Together we can find an alternative to destroying our public services if we act now.