Protesters said today that a planned demonstration outside David Cameron's office on Friday would go ahead.  The protest at 5pm tomorrow, supported by several groups including Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance, is to draw attention to the proposed closure of 20 youth centres across Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire County Council has announced plans to cut funding for the centres as part of its wide-ranging programme of public service cuts.  Also under threat are 20 libraries and a range of education and other services.

Earlier in the week, it was thought that alleged police intimidation might put a stop to the protest but thee Anti-Cuts Alliance said today that they, alongside a range of other groups, would still be there on Friday to make their point.

"These services are vital for the young people who use them and to even consider cutting their funding is a disgrace," said Gawain Little, President of Oxford & District Trades Council and one of the co-ordinators of the alliance.

"These cuts, alongside the proposal to abolish the Education Maintenance Allowance, raise tuition fees and cut college and university funding, will place the burden of the economic crisis on young people.  This is not acceptable."