In the UK the movement is approaching a pivotal stage with 3 million public sector workers moving towards strike action against a 15% cut in pensions, plans to increase contributions by up to 70%, and plans to make nurses, teachers and civil servants work until they are 68 years old.  Over 10,000 public sector workers across Oxfordshire are preparing for Nov 30th.


Public sector workers are rightly angry that they are being singled out to pay off the deficit as none of the funds raised from the pension cuts will go towards pensions but will go to paying off the banks.  This plan to take billions of pounds of public sector workers comes at a time when they have already had a 5% cut in wages due to a wage feeze and rising prices and bankers awarded themselves £7 billion in bonuses.

Defending pensions is fighting cuts - though the battle line is drawn over pensions the war is against the cuts and everyone who wants to see the cuts stopped needs to get behind this fight.  This dispute will help to move millions of people into action against all the cuts and could see the government plans broken by a growing wave of resistance.  Unions are legally bound to ballot over a workplace issue - but at the heart of the dispute is the question of whether the poor and working people should pay the price of a crisis they did not make.  It is vital everyone does what they can to build and back the strike.
Oxfordshire Anti Cuts Alliance is part of the Oxford and District Trades Council November 30th Mobilising Committee that is planning a mass demonstration in Oxford on the day of the strike.  Details will be published as plans are confirmed.
What you can do:
  • Make a donation to strikers hardship funds.  Cheques can be made payable to Oxford & District Trades Union Council (mark "for strike hardship fund") and sent c/o R. Kelsall, PCS Office, E1A LCS, Bicester, OX25 0LP. (Collection sheet for hardship fund will be available shortly on the OACA website.
  • Help public sector workers get the truth out about the governments attack on their pensions by talking to friends, family and colleagues.  Information on the attacks can be found at union websites including UNITE PCS UNISON NUT UCU
  • Join us on OACA stalls to promote anti cuts activities to the public (mail back for details if you can help)