The junior doctors’ strike has become a political crisis for the government. Doctors have voted 98 percent for strikes, and there is clear public support for the action. It could set off a much wider defence of the NHS and, if victorious, encourage further public sector revolts. A victory for the junior doctors is a victory for everyone who wants to stop Tory cuts and privatisation of the NHS.

According to the Guardian, “Hunt’s tough stance has the full support of both the prime minister and George Osborne. Number 10 sees this as a miners’ moment and wants him to look tough,” said a source. “Downing Street and the Treasury are backing Jeremy on this and pressurising him to be deeply muscular.”

If that’s true a major battle is coming—that our side has to win.

The BMA is calling on people to show support for the strike by attending picket lines.  In Oxford pickets will run from 8 am to 12.30 with a protest in town at 1pm outside the Mmuseum of History of Science in Broad street.  Pickets can be located using this map