1 week to go "End Austerity Now" national demonstration London 20th June

Book seats on Oxfordshire transport here or call 07890081211. Book now as seats are running out.

Transport is running from Banbury, Bicester, Didcot, Abingdon, and Oxford.  Seats are free to union members otherwise £12 waged and £6 concessions. 


Slasher Tory chancellor George Osborne unveiled £3 billion more cuts last week - on top of the £13 billion cuts already planned.

The cuts will hit public services including education, transport and local government. They will make it even harder for councils to deliver key services such as social care.

Together with the sell-off of the government's remaining shares in Royal Mail, Osborne hopes to make a total of £4.5 billion in "savings".

The cuts are three times higher than Osborne's Office for Budget Responsibility predicted. 

The Institute for Fiscal Studies said the Tories were "misleading" over the scale of the cuts in their manifesto.

It said the Tories would need to slash £33 billion a year to meet their promise to cut the deficit - not the £13 billion previously claimed.

Osborne's budget on 8 July could unveil even more. The Tories hope to drive through savage cuts fast.

They have raised the stakes. We need to do the same.