New mood to fight austerity - now march on the Tory party conference

Jeremy Corbyn's overwhelming victory in the Labour leadship election shows the strength of the mood in the country to fight austerity. Corbyn speaking out against austerity will help give hope to those who want to see the back of the Tories - we need to amplify that opposition outside parliament. We can't wait 5 years until the next election to do this - we need to mobilise the new mood for change in opposition to Cameron and his cronies now.

The scale of the attacks are shown n the decision to axe 44 children centres in Oxford, with over £150 million of planned cuts in local services over the next 5 years.

The TUC "No to Austerity, Yes to Workers' rights" demonstration on October 4th will be chance for hundreds of thousands to focus their collective anger at the Tories at their conference.. We need to turn their triumphant mood following the election into one of fear of our side. You can book your seat on the Oxfordshire subsidised transport to the march online here

John McDonnell and Natalie Bennet to speak at "Defending our unions - organising to win" conference

The fight for trade union rights will be a major issue over the coming months as the government tries to limit workers ability to oppose cuts in wages, jobs and servcies with new anti-union laws.  We have to oppose the narrative that the trade unions are the problem and not government austerity policies. The new Shadow Cancellor John McDonnell will be speaking with Natalie Bennet leader of the Green party at the "Defending our unions...organising to win conference organised by Unite the resistance in November.  More details here.  Mail back if you are inetrested in travelling with a group from Oxford.

Reasons to march on October 4th:

1 This government has announced attacks on trade union subs collection and further barriers to workers workers taking legal strike action

2 This government plans to cut £12bn from welfare hitting the most vulnerable in our society hardest.

3 The richest 1,000 people in Britain doubled their wealth during the last parliament, while the living standards of the majority fell.

4 There has been a huge rise in zero hour contracts, precarious, low-paid and part-time work. Millions of people are not benefiting from the supposed economic 'recovery'.

5 The Tories have presided over the worst housing crisis in living memory. They are the friends of private landlords and property - developers. Now they want to sell off even more social' housing.

6 The Tories are pushing privatisation. They want to encourage international free trade deals which will destroy the public sector.

7 Our NHS is under attack. The government plans to dismantle the NHS and sell it off to private companies to run for profit.

8 Education is being savaged. The Tories are threatening to raise university fees even higher. Academies and free schools are taking over, denying any democratic control over our children's education.

9 Migrants are facing a racist backlash. They are being scapegoated for the problems caused by the bankers and bosses.

Facebook event

Solidarity protest with Greek people standing up to austerity...time to make the bankers pay

Solidarity protest with Greek people demanding an alternative to austerit

6pm Radcliffe Square, Oxford.   Thursday 2nd July

The strength of the mood for a fight back against continuing austerity was reflected in the 250,000 strong demonstration in London on  20th June.  There will be protests in towns and cities across the UK against Osborne's budget to slash another £13 billion of welfare spending.  Demonstrate in Oxford - 8th July  - assemble 6 pm Carfax Tower 7th July facebook event

The European Union (EU), the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are demanding brutal austerity in exchange for extending Greece’s bailout programme, which expired on Tuesday of this week.

The programme amounts to lending the Greek government money for it to give back straight away as debt repayments.

After previous governments agreed to do the institutions’ dirty work, people elected Tsipras’ left wing Syriza party in January to break the cycle.

But it has made compromise after compromise. Last week Syriza agreed to deep cuts, privatisations and tax hikes worth £5.7 billion a year.

Finance minister Yanis Varoufakis described it as “austerian”—but the institutions demanded more.  

IMF boss Christine Lagarde called for benefit cuts that would slash 60 percent off the poorest pensioners’ incomes. This would be particularly devastating as unemployment left whole families reliant on pensioners’ incomes.

Under pressure the Syriza government has called a referendum pitting the people against the banks and the poltiics of austerity.  A rejection by the Greek people opens the door to a rejection of austerity across the whole of Europe.  The austerity institutions and politicians will pile on the pressure to make sure this does not happen.  The Greek people need to see they have our support in demanding a system that doesn't require the destruction of jobs, wages, pensions and public services.

Raise the stakes against slasher Osborne - demonstrate on June 20

1 week to go "End Austerity Now" national demonstration London 20th June

Book seats on Oxfordshire transport here or call 07890081211. Book now as seats are running out.

Transport is running from Banbury, Bicester, Didcot, Abingdon, and Oxford.  Seats are free to union members otherwise £12 waged and £6 concessions. 


Slasher Tory chancellor George Osborne unveiled £3 billion more cuts last week - on top of the £13 billion cuts already planned.

The cuts will hit public services including education, transport and local government. They will make it even harder for councils to deliver key services such as social care.

Together with the sell-off of the government's remaining shares in Royal Mail, Osborne hopes to make a total of £4.5 billion in "savings".

The cuts are three times higher than Osborne's Office for Budget Responsibility predicted. 

The Institute for Fiscal Studies said the Tories were "misleading" over the scale of the cuts in their manifesto.

It said the Tories would need to slash £33 billion a year to meet their promise to cut the deficit - not the £13 billion previously claimed.

Osborne's budget on 8 July could unveil even more. The Tories hope to drive through savage cuts fast.

They have raised the stakes. We need to do the same.


Oxford demonstration against austerity

We can't wait 5 more years for the possibility of an end to cuts and privatisation - we need to act now

As protests break out across the country...

Oxfordshire Unite Against Austerity!

Demonstrate - Sat 30th May

Assemble 12 noon, Manzil Way green, Cowley Road, East Oxford to March into town.

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Download leaflet and poster

National demonstration London 20th June

Book seats on Oxfordshire transport here

Transport is free to members of supporting unions otherwise £12 waged and £6 concessions.  Book early to help us plan coaches from across Oxfordshire.

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