Support the July 10 public service strike

Support the July 10 public service strike

Next Thursday will see 1.5 million teachers, councils workers, firefighters and civil servants (benefits agency, tax, passport offices etc) strike aganst shrinking wages and pensions and growing workloads.  A victory for these groups of workers is a victory for everyone who wants to see an end to austerity.  Please show your support.

Local PCS and FBU branches have agreed to hold a joint rally.  Assemble at the PCS picket line at the Jobcentre on Worcester Street, central Oxford, OX1 2BX Between 8 and 9 am to march to fire sation at Rewley Rd.

Poster for march can be downloaded hereUnite the Resistance leaflet in support of the strike and local events can be downloaded here.

People rushing to book for Oct 20

With less than two weeks to go people are rushing to book their seats with strong delegations from workplaces, colleges and campaign groups.  NHS, council, BMW, Kraft foods, DHL, Harwell, postal, rail workers and teachers, lectures and students are all organising strong delegations to the march.  The fourteen coaches booked by UNISON, UNITE, GMB, CWU, Prospect, and PCS are starting to fill quickly.  UCU and other unions are paying for their members to go on the coaches organised by other unions.

They will be joined by campaigners from Oxfordshire Anti Cuts Alliance, Keep Our NHS Public, Oxford SOS, Pensioners Action group and many more.

Oct 20th is shaping up to be a fantastic show of working class unity and will bring huge pressure to bear on the all political parties to listen to working people and for union leaders to organise a serious defence of jobs, wages and public services.

Use the buttons above to fill in the form or ring the number advertised to book your seats today.

National demonstration - No More Austerity - Demand the alternative

21 June Localised Flyer-1


national demonstration


No more austerity - Demand the alternative

called by Peoples Assembly Against Austerity


Sat 21st June


Free transport from Oxford  

Sign up for a seat on a coach from Oxford at or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring 07896687454


No more austerity

Living standards continue to drop, forcing millions into poverty, yet the politicians remain addicted to austerity.

The People’s Assembly, trade unions and campaign groups are organising a national demonstration and free festival in London on 21 June.

The alternative is unheard of in the media or in Parliament. So the demonstration is assembling right on the BBC’s doorstep then marching to Parliament. Join us!


Demand the alternative:

Reverse the cuts, re-nationalise our utilities and public services. Private profit is not for health, education and social services

A statutory living wage, abolish zero hour contracts, end the wage freeze

Invest in building social housing, abolish the bedroom tax and place a cap on private rents

A higher tax on the rich and a clamp down on tax avoidance

Invest in creating green jobs

Increases to welfare and pensions should be tied to average earnings or inflation, whichever is highest

Stop scapegoating immigrants and those relying on social security

A publicly owned democratic banking system

End the cost of war in blood and money: No military interventions, no Trident replacement

Hands off our unions: support the right to strike, remove the anti-union laws and promote strong, effective collective bargaining


October 20 tips for new marchers

The March For A Future That Works is expected to bring together many thousands of trades unionists, community groups, and concerned individuals. We’ll have seasoned activists, but also plenty who’re totally new to protest. We think it’s important to be prepared, so the day is both as successful and enjoyable as possible for everyone taking part. So here are our top ten tips for any first-time marchers who’re thinking of joining us on the 20th.

Read more: October 20 tips for new marchers

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